Quality Assurance System

Ralpa’s commitment to maintaining the quality standard of it’s product speaks for itself as an outcome of the long term clientele that it has managed to retain in a world of ever changing vendor loyalties. The following is a brief description of the in house process that is followed:
  • Our quality assurance team oversees fabric centers constantly in order to control fabric weaving and knitting flaws.
  • Upon receipt of the greige fabric there is supervision at the printing/dyeing/embroidery and other processing centers with pre set quality criteria established and agreed upon with each processing unit.
  • After receipt of fabric from processing it goes to an independent laboratory for standard physical and chemical tests that are pre determined by the management in order comply and confirm if the products meet the buyers requirements and standards.
  • While test reports are under progress fabric is put into a fabric inspection house that checks each rolls and confirms that it can go into cutting.
  • Each of RALPA’s QA is under the vigilance of an independent quality assurance manager that is available at the factory at the time of cutting and conducts Pilot, Inline and Final inspections.
  • Everyone at RALPA is an advocate of “prevention is better than cure” mindset or “quality assurance is better than quality control”. Typically we prefer to call out a problem earlier in the day and find a solution and thus control the process from the start opposed to putting the goods only through a final quality audit.
  • The standard protocol used by RALPA is AQL of 2.5 for pilot and inline inspections and AQL of 4.0 for final inspections unless specified otherwise by the customer.